Explore our options

If you’re interested in pursuing seminary education — from undergrad all the way up to doctoral — we have several options for you. Below are a few. And our site,, will have the rest of our options.

Leavell College

A Leavell College bachelor of arts is a solid foundation. There are currently 7 majors (ranging from Biblical Studies to Counseling to Apologetics). Click to learn more.


On the graduate side, the MDiv is a great place to start. We have 20+ specializations, including Expository Preaching, Leadership, and Pastoral Ministry. You can also explore our MA, DMin, and PhD options, too. Click to learn more.

Accelerated BA+MDiv

Earn your BA and MDiv up to 2 years faster. Save time and money as you prepare to answer God’s call. The Accelerated BA+MDiv is geared toward 18 to 21-year-olds focused on preparing for pastoral ministry. Click to learn more.


We have several scholarships available. Below are a few, as well as a link to our main page for scholarship information.