Literary Context

2 Timothy 3:14-17

Outline of 2 Timothy

1:1-2- Greeting

1:3-18- A call to faithfulness

• 1:3-5- Paul’s thanksgiving for Timothy and for his spiritual heritage

• 1:6-7- A call to renewed commitment to the ministry

• 1:8-18- A call to share in Paul’s suffering in the ministry

2:1-4:18- Paul’s instructions for Timothy

• 2:1-7- A call to be strong in grace in light of coming reward

• 2:8-13- A trustworthy summary of the truth of the gospel

• 2:14-26- A call for Timothy to serve as a workman approved by God

• 3:1-9- A call to avoid those who abandon the truth in the last days

• 3:10-17- A call to live faithfully in the midst of these last days

• 3:10-13- A call to follow Paul’s example of faithfulness in the midst of difficult times

• 3:14-17- A call to continue in the Scriptures

• 4:1-8- Paul’s closing charge to Timothy

• 4:9-18- Paul’s final instructions for Timothy

4:18-22- Closing


So how does 2 Timothy 3:14-17 fit within the literary context of 2 Timothy. 2 Timothy 3 begins with the issue of those ungodly people who turn away from the truth and instead go after all manner of wickedness in the last days. Timothy was to avoid such people (2 Timothy 3:5). In contrast to these people who only had the appearance of godliness (3:5), Timothy was to follow the example of Paul (3:10-13), and he was to continue in what he had learned and believed (3:14-17).

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